To Floss or Not to Floss? That is the Question…

Should you floss?

The answer is of course you should.  “the evidence is weak that flossing is beneficial,  . . . but the evidence that it is not beneficial or harmful is even weaker.”  May I humbly suggest that what I see daily as a dental professional is proof enough – and with a healthcare system riddled with bias, financial gains that influence studies – how can we rely on ‘science based evidence’.  I have spent 28 years working in the oral cavity – and there is no doubt that floss is beneficial for most people.  However, if you are a person that has open spaces/contacts between your teeth, bridges, splinted restorations, any degree of bone loss, and/or you don’t know how to use floss properly, then Hydro Floss will probably be more effective than floss. That’s where I come in! Please call today for a free 15-minute oral health consultation. Partner with an Oral Systemic Health Specialist and empower yourself for better health, beginning with the big OH! Oral Health!

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