‘Cultured’: A Look At How Foods Can Help The Microbes Inside Us Thrive

February 24, 20197:00 AM ET Jonathan Lambert Korean kimchi, made of salted and fermented vegetables, contains microbes that contribute to its distinctive taste. Katherine Harmon Courage wants us to think about digestion as a collaborative journey between us and our microbes. In her new book, Cultured: How Ancient Foods Can Feed Our Microbiome, she envisions digestion not as a simple… Read more →

2018 Highlight – We Stand Up for Science & Medicine Amid Archaic American Health Model

AAOSH Responds to JADA Editorial that Claims Promoting Oral-Systemic Connection is ‘Premature and Misleading’   AAOSH Admin   June 15, 2018 Jacque Russo, RN, DDS; Susan Estep, DDS; Susan Maples, DDS; DeWitt Wilkerson, DDS; Michael Milligan, DMD; Victoria Richards; Jan Lazarus, RDH; Doug Thompson, DDS; Mark Cannon, DDS; Gary Kadi; Amy Doneen, DNP, ARNP; William Domb, DMD; Chris Kammer, DDS… Read more →

Raw vs Cooked: The Healthiest Ways to Eat Your Veggies

Raw vs Cooked: The Healthiest Ways to Eat Your Veggies Food and Health September 7, 2018 When it comes to raw vs cooked vegetables, what are the healthiest ways to eat them to get the most nutrients? Learn what the science and the experts say about the best ways to prepare your veggies to get the most benefits. Raw diets have… Read more →

Taming the Fire Within

Taming the Fire Within, with Tieraona Low Dog M.D. Systemic, chronic inflammation is at the core of so many health issues today. In this interview with Tieraona Low Dog M.D., she offers pragmatic advice on how to address systemic inflammation. Dr. Low Dog unpacks her medical kit of foods, supplements and pragmatic advice on how to quell this instigator of… Read more →

Connecting Dentistry and Medicine to Save Lives

CONNECTING DENTISTRY AND MEDICINE TO SAVE LIVES AAOSH Position Paper Regarding the AP Flossing Report August 15, 2016 A recent report by the Associated Press (AP) calls into question the health benefits of flossing, suggesting that no scientific evidence links flossing to better oral health. Unfortunately, the media coverage of this report has led many people to believe that flossing… Read more →

Be a savvy citizen, know what you are putting on your body!

More Health Problems Reported With Hair And Skin Care Products June 26, 201712:42 PM ET KERIN HIGA Problems with hair care products are among the most common in the FDA’s database. We rub, pour, sprinkle and spray them all over our bodies, so you’d hope cosmetics would undergo serious safety oversight before they get into our hands. But in fact,… Read more →


PROBIOTICS: GOOD HEALTH OR GOOD BUSINESS? Probiotic supplements, live-culture yoghurt, kombucha, sauerkraut … gut health is the new black. But what really works? One world-renowned expert has the facts about the amazing bacterial universe we all have inside us. It’s estimated that the human digestive tract contains about 100 trillion bacteria, viruses, fungi and related microbes. The modern probiotics industry… Read more →