Success Stories

My hip pain is gone after a few months on my Royal Saddle Plus! I have you to thank for guiding me in the right direction. It takes time, as you said, for the body to learn improved posture. I wanted results immediately, and was afraid it was the wrong stool, but with your check-in’s and video shares, I found my sweet spot and have never looked back! Very grateful.

Sarah, Electrologist, New Jersey 2022

Where was this chair 10 years ago? It has saved my back! I am so thankful for all of your specialized advice and patience with me. You are the best!

Lynn, Electrologist, Louisiana 2021

Dotti, you inspire me to be a better person.

Student since 2012

I have known Dotti Ohlman for 14+ years, first as my dental hygienist and later as an associate and friend. As my dental hygienist she never missed an opportunity to educate me on oral health. Recently I asked her to present at a Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy CE (Continuing Professional Education) event. Her presentation was passionate, on target and lively. She is a consummate oral health educator and professional. The discussion was the highlight of that day. Dotti willingly stayed on afterward to answer questions about personal oral hygiene.

Enid Whittaker, Managing Director Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy® Inc.

Dotti has been a friend and mentor for years.  I am consistently impressed by her commitment to health and wellness, and the passion with which she applies her knowledge and shares it with her clients.  I have relied upon her countless times to guide me through the confusing decisions surrounding fitness, dietary needs, and overall well-being.  Her philosophy of total body health has inspired me to seek natural methods of maintaining my health, such as balanced nutrition, regular exercise, oral hygiene, and alternative medicine.  Because of Dotti’s influence I now enjoy a constant state of health with very little need for modern “cures”.  Her kind and caring demeanor makes her an excellent educator and role model. Thank you Dotti!  You are amazing!!
Liz – Client since 2011

Dotti Ohlman has been an associate of mine for the last eight years. During that time, I’ve known her as a most excellent health and fitness educator—always  conscientious, precise, helpful and energetic. She invests in her students health in a way that others don’t come close. Her knowledge and expertise about the body is so very evident from her extensive continuing education. Her instruction is clear and motivating.  Over the last three years, not only has Ms. Ohlman been a critical educator in my and my family’s oral health matters, she has also been instrumental in reversing my poor oral care habits. Consistently and clearly, she ensured that we were educated about how to manage and be accountable for our health through good oral practices. Using the Hydro Floss irrigator has made such a difference in our oral health. Is it any wonder that we haven’t gotten sick over the past few years?

Linda Ashburn – Client since 2008

 Dotti has been our dental hygienist since 2006. It’s not an overstatement to say that she has been
the best hygienist that we’ve ever had. Her thoroughness, and her interest in the overall
health of her patients was evident from the start. Both my husband and I have benefited from
both her technical skill as well as from her educational approach to oral health.
Dotti exemplifies the best in her profession.
 Robert A. Eiermann, D.V.M.
 Mary Kay Eiermann, M.S.W.

Dotti has been my dental coach and advisor for many years – and she has helped me tremendously (Thanks, Dotti!). I am 60 years old and have struggled with serious dental anxiety (fear of drilling … hypersensitivity to sensations in teeth and gums … stress in anticipating even a cleaning, etc.) for much of my life. Dotti’s patient explanation and encouragement regarding dental issues and procedures has been a major factor in my progress toward better oral health. She helped me gain the knowledge and confidence to gradually address each issue — and to keep making progress toward healthier teeth and gums. Dotti also helped me understand that oral health is an essential part of overall systemic health — the whole body and mind functioning together for a healthy life. Previously I viewed the mouth as isolated from my body and mind but now I see how closely they are linked.

If you have been neglecting your oral health out of fear, anxiety or just procrastination — I strongly encourage you to seek Dotti’s help. It will change your life for the better! And if you think your oral health (or lack of it) can’t impact the rest of your body and mind — ask Dotti about that. You’ll be amazed at what you learn — and you can share all that new knowledge with family and friends.

Raphael – Client since 2006

 Thorough knowledge of all aspects of the body. She was a great help to me!
 Ginger – Client since 2016

Dotti is my go-to professional for advice on natural and healthy living. She is a born educator who understands the workings of the entire body. But her knowledge expands beyond the body to the influence of products and the environment on the body. Her greatest passion though is oral health. When I discovered about a year ago that I needed braces and an implant, I went to Dotti to make my overall plan. She helped me find the right periodontist and orthodontist, explained dental procedures and alternative options, suggested products for my oral care, diet and nutrition. She gave me excellent advice, support and the confidence to follow through with the work that needed to be done.  Recently my hygienist was shocked to see how clean my teeth were in spite of the braces. I know it was because of the Hydro Floss Irrigator Dotti recommended and all the great cleaning tips and dietary advice she gave. It’s so reassuring to have someone on your team who knows the facts and can explain them so clearly in everyday language. I feel grateful and guilty that she loves to stay up-to-date on all the cutting-edge research in overall healthy living because she does all the work and I get huge benefit. Thanks Dotti!

Therese Foley – Client since 2012

As a fellow Dental Hygienist, I trust Dotti as my source for current and upcoming information on oral and systemic health. Dotti has created and implemented a product that was a solution for some of my patients.  Dotti is not only my go to person for dental related topics, but also for a natural approach to systemic health.

Aggie Steyer – Colleague since 1998

Dotti is always my go-to source for dental advice and holistic health solutions. Her vast knowledge has saved me in varied situations – from finding calm, strength and focus in her Body Flow class, to making the right orthodontic choices, to finding a comprehensive solution to severe back pain. As a true professional, she is constantly learning, and shares her expertise with a passion and care that is captivating and inspiring. What would I do without her!

J Malawey – Client since 2010

 Dotti is definitely a rare find! Not only does she provide exceptional oral care, but enthusiastically educates me about  oral health, physical and mental health, and encourages me to take charge of my well-being. She is a wealth of  knowledge and full of passion about her dental and medical profession.
 Margi Kosowski – Client since 2010

Hi Dotti,
Gosh, if I had a million bucks I would most certainly invest it in you. You are one in a million – and teaching Body Flow is something you were meant to do. Your passion in what you give to your practice sends ripples of healthy good vibes into this community. I have been to lots of yoga classes and by far you are the BEST teacher/practitioner I have had the privilege to be taught by. I hope you find some solution where you can continue to give to all the BodyFlow-ers in Tucson. I am sure wherever you land, we will be there to support you in your endeavors because after all we are the lucky recipients of your energy, passion and beautiful aura. Don’t give up the search – look for a way to continue because you have a special gift that needs to be shared and I think we all need each other.

Student since 2008